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DIY Neon Sign

A custom neon sign has been on my wish list for years but the substantial price tag has prevented me from pulling the trigger. What can I say, shoes take precedence! It wasn’t until I recently stumbled upon this awesome tutorial from A Practical Wedding, that I was instantly inspired to DIY my own, giving it my own spin. I like being able to customize the sign with my handwriting and choosing a fun pattern as a backdrop. I’m also anxious to make a life size version for my home office. But in the meantime, I can’t think of a better way to express how much I love my Valentine . . 

 The two main components to making your own neon sign is a flexible neon electroluminescent wire called EL wire and an acrylic sheet to which your wire will attach. The EL wire can be ordered in different thicknesses, lengths and colors (FUN!). And several online vendors sell acrylic sheets in custom sizes, thicknesses and colors. You’ll want to choose an acrylic sheet that’s at least 1/4″ thick as you don’t …

DIY God’s Eyes

Remember those simple little diamond shaped yarn weavings we all made at summer camp with just two popsicle sticks and a some colorful yarn? Who knew that god’s eyes, which originated from Mexico’s Huichol Indians, can be so beautifully complex, incredibly dramatic, and so wonderfully therapeutic? There couldn’t be a better time to share the positive vibes of a protective god’s eye than the holidays – use them as present toppers, hang them as ornaments or simply gift them as is. Inspired by artist Jay Mohler‘s Ojo de Dios mandalas, we’re showing you a more complicated version today – be patient, it’s totally worth the time to learn how to master them. They are impressive and so much fun to make! Trust.
 You’ll need:
4 6″ or 12″ wooden dowelsyarnscissorsrulerhot glue gun
 Mark the center of each dowel with a pencil. Place a drop of glue on that center mark and match 2 dowels together so they are perpendicular.
 Hold them in place until it has dried. And repeat with the other pair of dowe…